World AIDS day

Today is World AIDS day, and as you might know if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I’m interested in homelessness, drug use, sex work, and all sorts of ‘deviant’ behaviour…sadly, a side-effect of much of this is AIDS, so today deserves a special place on this blog. Instead of boring you to death with all sorts of statistics, and facts and figures on the issue, I’m going to let the TED community do that for me.

I’m only joking.

I’ve done some research on the website, and came up with my two favourite talks on the topic. One is by my long-term quantitative data crush (which I’m not supposed to have because I breathe qualitative research, constructivism…) Hans Rosling. He has a LOT of really cool data talks on a huge range of topics on the TED website, but what’s even cooler is that the data is open-source, and that you can access them and play with the data on Gapminder. I wouldn’t suggest going on there if you have lots of stuff to do…I’ve wasted a good few hours on that site…so don’t say I didn’t warn you!
So, I’ll shut up and just give you the TED video. Here it is: Hans Rosling, Insights on HIV

As the second video, I’m going to post a rather long TED video. Don’t be put off by it’s 20 min length, it’s DEFINITELY worth it. But let me introduce it first. Elizabeth Pisani is one of my academic crushes. I found out about her from a friend I met in a hostel in Albania. We got talking about academic interests, and I told him that I had just come back from Romania, researching homelessness, and that AIDS and Hepatitis were extremely prevalent. He recommended a book titled “The Wisdom of Whores” to me. Of course, I went on my trusty kindle as soon as I had reliable Wifi to download it. I finished the book within two days. It’s great academic reading that feels like you’re reading a story, Pisani’s journey in finding out the truth, rather than reading a dry academic text. So it’s definitely worth a read…If you don’t want to give up a day of reading, at least give up 20 mins. of your day to watch her talk about her findings. Her talk might be even better than her book!

So remember, today’s World AIDS day. Protect yourself and others.
“The Protection is Prevention” Foto Credits: Jacinta Lluch Valero

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