Why I travel alone

There are two answers to this…a short and practical one, and a long one with more substance to it.

The short and practical answer is very simple: I don’t have any close friends tat want to travel to the places I want to travel to whose schedules are similar to mine.

Having said that, this does not bother me one bit. In fact, I prefer travelling by myself anyway.

I’m going to give you a few reasons as to why travelling alone is great, and why I keep doing it.


I do not have to consult with anyone about the when, where and hows of travelling. At the chance of sounding extremely selfish, I am going to say that I travel alone so I don’t have to compromise the strange things that I find important.


Although I sometimes play my trips in quite a bit of detail (even though the plan never seems to work out anyway), and with months (or in the case of Nepal years) of research and preparation, some of my trips are very unplanned and can be decided upon on a hunch at very short notice. If I’m alone I don’t have to try to fit everything into hte schedules of other people.

Mine is complicated enough as it is anyway.

Travelling alone also gives me flexibility in where I go, what route I take, the speed of the trip and what I focus on.


I very much enjoy human company, conversation and listening to stories, but one thing I need in my life is time to be alone; time of silence. I like to lay in my bed and read, I like to let my thoughts wander and I like to have stretches of quiet. This is a lot easier to achieve when you don’t have a friend with you when travelling.

Now you might think that these times happen very often when you travel alone, or that I am just writing this to sound like I enjoy being alone because I have to travel alone because I have no friends and am ultimately just a sad and lonely person…but I am not. And this brings my to my next point.


Although I just wrote about how much I enjoy travelling alone, I really do enjoy travel company at times. You meet such interesting, diverse and friendly people in hostels. A good conversation, or a bus companion is usually not far away if you are looking for one.

If I am travelling alone, this new friend doesn’t have to be approved of by my companions, the changes in the itinerary that may happen because I want to adjust my journey to spend more time with the new companion don’t have to be discussed with anyone else…this goes back to the freedom and flexibility points.


I have a very strange way of travelling to new places. I like to get lost in new places…without a map. I like to walk quickly, and I like street food. I take pictures of the graffiti next to the amazing landmark before I even see the church, mosque or statue.

I want to take this opportunity to openly apologize to anyone I might have annoyed with my silly little habits when traveling. I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to anyone and everyone who has spent time with me, who has helped me find hostels or certain places, who told me their stories or just gave me a smile.

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