The tricks of thieves

As part of my research I talked a lot about begging and stealing. At certain points I either asked, or was simply told about the different tricks some of the people use to get things out of you.

Here are some tips to keep your valuables safe when on the road

  1. Always keep your valuables on inside pockets of jackets. Never keep anything in jeans, dress, shirt or jacket pockets that are on the outside.
  2. Don’t put anything of value into pockets on the outside that you think are secure because they have zippers. People have razorblades to cut open zippers.
  3. Keep your wallet, phone, camera on the bottom of the middle pocket of your bag. Don’t keep them in those small pockets designed to keep those things safe.
  4. When you are talking to someone you don’t know, don’ look them in the eyes all the time. Make sure you keep an eye out for their hands.
  5. Keep away from groups of people who want to help you or talk to you. If you are talking to one of them, the others might seize the opportunity

Obviously, these are just tips that came up when talking to people who have made a living out of stealing. You always need to be your own judge of different situations. Just keep in mind that it is often only opportunity that makes a thief. As long as you are on a look-out for your valuables at all times, and look like you are somewhere with a purpose, you should be fine.

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