The new month and Mehendi

The calendar in Nepal is different. Having said that, the new month started yesterday.

To celebrate this month (i cannot remember the name…sorry) all women wear green bangles. Either on one, or on both wrists. Currently, I am wearing 6. Putting them on is a skill that I do not have. So the salesman had to put the bracelets on for me 😛 The thing that was most interesting to me was the way the man chose which bracelet to give to whom. He would measure the size of your hand when it is squished together to ensure the size that would fit over it.

On top of the bracelet We also put Mehendi on our hands. Before coming to Nepal I knew this form of art as Henna..but in Nepal it’s called Mehendi. So I shall now call it Mehendi. 🙂

Ayusha did the mehendi for me on my left hand (so I could eat with my right…). We left it to dry for many hours (we got it done in the early afternoon, and kept it on there until the sun began to set). So that’s a long time. To ensure that it would be dark, we put lime juice on the almost dry Mehendi…which made us have to wait for it all to dry again before washing off the paint.

It was a great experience!

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