The first peer reviews

I wrote previously about entering academia, and how I had turned my MA dissertation into a paper.

I turned my 80 page dissertation into a 10 page paper for a major conference. It’s quite a long shot, but

Aim for the moon, because if you miss you’ll still end up among the stars.


I still don’t really want to talk about the title or the conference as the reviewing process is still ongoing, but I’ll keep you updated.


Today the first rounds of reviews finished! I was so proud of even writing a paper that was in the right format and that an actual academic thought was worthy sending off to be reviewed, but now I’m even more proud.

The feedback I got was phenomenal! I did some things really well, but of course There were also a LOT points for improvement. Overall the various reviewers agreed that the topic was interesting and someone called my approach unique, and someone else even wonderful!

Having said that, there were also lots of little, and a couple of bigger, things that need to be changed before the paper will be considered to be published…

I just wanted to keep you updated on my progress into academia…and that I should probably stop differentiating between myself and the ‘real’ academics, as I am basically one of them now…although I still don’t quite understand how or when that happened.

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