I am working on organizing and establishing the library of Shree Ganganagar School with the help of FACE Nepal ( and am trying to compile a manual for the teachers who are in charge of the library for when I am gone. I want to make sure that I did everything I can do to enable the school to use the library!

Dear teachers, parents, librarians, school staff, development workers, authors or whoever is interested in books,

I’m writing a manual for libraries that contains different activities that can be conducted with children of all ages (or age specific activities) for the library that I painted and am organizing at the Ganganagar School. I would greatly appreciate any ideas anyone else has!

The activities should be reading, comprehension and student oriented. Also, since the manual is for a rural school in Nepal, no materials except for books should be needed (except maybe pen and paper).

back at school.

Now that I am back from my trip, I went back to work…but my schedule has drastically changed, since the government schools have resumed normal classes.

I will still do one hour of class in the Ganganagar Learning Center in the morning (from 7 am to 8 am). Both the morning groups will be mixed. Which means I will have kids from Nursery to 7th grade in one group. That’s a challenge! But we will manage. I only have on hour, because although school only starts at 10, the kids should be heading to school at around 9 o’clock. This is not because they have to walk an hour to school (they have to walk something like 10 minutes), but because in Nepal it is normal for kids to play on school grounds for an hour before classes start. I think, this way there are a lot fewer kids who will be late…

As Shreeram showed Ruth and me around school he mentioned that the school had a library that wasn’t really being used because it’s not organized. Seizing the opportunity I asked to see the place. I was amazed by the number of books and materials present in the library, and when Shreeram showed me a book with the ‘room to read’ logo on it my decision was final. I will make this library usable! I will make it so the ‘room to read’ books are being put to use! I hate seeing books just sort of sitting somewhere molding away.

So, somehow I ended up in a library…once again. (This seems to be a recurring theme in my volunteer work…maybe I should abandon my teaching career that hasn’t even really started yet to become a librarian hehe).

drama, drama, drama

Since public schools resume normal classes on sunday, friday is the last day that I will have with the drama kids of Ganganagar. To make this day more special, we will peform a short play. We have worked hard and have practiced every day, played many games and learnt text by heart to show the parents, uncles, sisters, brothers, aunts, grandparents and neighbors what can be done!

Friday at 7:30 the show will start. The language of the cows will be explained and taught to the audience by 15 young actors and actresses.

And then it is the end of the drama club.

It was great fun, and I hope the kids had as much fun as I did. I look forward to friday with nervousness, happiness, but also sadness, since the time will be finished.

Tanzen verbindet

Als Kind habe ich gerne getanzt. Als teenager hat das dann aufgehoert…Mit meinem Studium hab ich das Tanzen wieder fuer mich entdeckt. Doch es ist selten, und mir noch nie passiert, dass man in Europa Tanz so erlebt wie hier.

Eine endlose Schleife von Liedern kommt aus den Muendern der Maedchen im Ganganagar Learning Center. 30 min. lang, 40 min. lang. Die Lieder hoeren nie auf. Sitzend und klatschend singen sie ihre lustigen Tanzlieder waehrend eine Freiwillige und ich, mehr oder weniger freiwillig, tanzen.

Ich probiers wenigstens. Gut bin ich auf keinen Fall…aber lustig ists. Fuer mich ist das beim Tanzen auch das wichtigste. Das es Spass macht!

Beim Tanzen braucht man keine Worte, man kommuniziert mit dem Koerper. Die Sprachbarriere ist sofort durchbrochen und der Spass, die Witze, koennen beginnen.

Es ist lustig, es ist eine sportliche Betaetigung, und es verbindet. Das Tanzen in Nepal ist ganz anders als alles was ich bisher erlebt habe. Es ist viel ungezwungener.