Sewing Through the Pandemic: An embroidered, collaborative, and mindful diary of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Community Arts project in collaboration with Changing Lives (2020)
two embroidery hoops: ‘exhale’ and ‘love’ in response to covid-19 anxiety (2020)
cross-stitch hoop saying ‘let’s stay home’ with David Cummings’ press briefing on TV in the background (2020)
teaching about the ethics of technologies – building ‘magic machines’ with Interaction Design students (2019)
A slide from my presentation at HCID Conference in London, presenting on Designing Technologies for Social Justice (2019)
A workshop I hosted at the Sex Work Research Hub Conference on how to build a CV and how to have impact with research for postgraduate students (2019)
collaborative making of the station at Open Lab, Newcastle University (2018)
planning hte station (2018)
Challenging Perceptions With Heart: Data analysis through quilting (2018)
Quilted data analysis for my PhD (2018)
The Partnership Quilt: An interactive quilte to share sex workers experiences of service delivery in the North East (2017)
developing an interactive poster for CIRN conference in Prato, Italy (2017)
An in-progress picture of the collaborative cross-stitch from the #CHIversity campaign to raise money and awareness for Planned Parenthood (2017)
#CHIversity campaign to improve inclusion at the international CHI conference (2017)
The finished Yarnbombing for Solidarity banner to celebrate the #RefugeesWelcome campaign (2017)
hosting a series of public making events as part of the #RefugeesWelcome campaign (2016-2017)
Materials for the Red Umbrella Aarchive: Using RfID tags to create a hybrid archive of women’s experiences of participating in the North East’s International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers commemoration (2016-2017)
creating ‘squeeze’ an e-textile stress-ball that lights up based on how hard you squeeze it. Bespoke design for a participant at SelfHarmony (Hackathon with people who self-harm) (2016)
Using BBC MIcro:Bits as part of Northern Pride activities (2016)
hosting an e-ink workshop at Thinking Digital Women Conference (2016)
Building the ‘city of ethical conundrums’ as part of a 1-day workshop at the Digital Economy Network Summer School (2016)
experimenting with wireless charging of electronics, embedded in textiles (2015)
VoiceBoard: A peer support technology for people in supported housing and addiction peer support workers (2015)
Alex: The bear for homeschooling. Charged wirelessly, by covcering with a blanket (2014)
experimenting with thermochromatic fabrics