The ABCs of the first year in Digital Civics

Always, always have tea in your desk drawer

Beware of the workload


Designing Technology

Early mornings and late evenings in the lab


Grit your teeth

Helping each other out in all sorts of ways

I have no idea what I’m doing

Just f*cking do it!

Killer coursemates

Learning all the time

Making amazing things happen with your colleagues

No one really knows what they’re doing

Open Lab is an amazingly cool place to learn, work, and collaborate

Projects, projects, projects

Queer CHI needs to happen

Reading all sorts of papers and books

Stationary (sticky-notes, poster board, markers, pens, etc.)

Team-building and team workĀ 

University life

Vulturous behaviour when cookies, doughnuts, or cakes are in the lab

Waiting for marks even if you swear you don’t care about them

X-tra special year

You think you know very little when you actually know even less

Zero tolerance for boredomĀ 

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