My indifference towards music

I know so many people who are┬ávery particular about what they like and what they don’t like about music; people who have certain music they listen to when they’re doing homework or writing, doing sports or walking down the street; people who say music saved their life or who look up to some musicians as if they are demi-gods.

OF course, there are some types of music I enjoy more than others, but since my I-only-listen-to-bands-nobody-knows-phase, music has gotten less and less important to me. I haven’t updated or used my ipod in a really, really long time. I take it with e when I travel with all intentions of listening to music, only to not touch it for the entire trip.

There is something so soothing in listening to the white noise that is part of daily life. I enjoy the silence created by the buzzing of the computer, refrigerator, car or plane. The (often strange) music that comes out of public radios or bus playlists. It’s all part of the experience of the journey, and of life. I feel like I am more connected to the journey, to myself, when I take in the sounds that surround me. I am more alert, or more relaxed, depending on my mood.

I think this practice may be the reason why I have become so tolerant of different music styles and genres. I remember the days when anything that wasn’t alternative power punk pop was horribly and painful to my years…how silly I was back then.

I think not listening to my ipod every second of every day makes me see the world differently. It forces me to pay attention to the nature and people around me. To communicate with them silently and to e an active part of the world.

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