introducing the library.

Since the library is basically finished (all the books are shelved, the shelves are categorized, the floor is clean, the tables are set up the benches are cleared and set up for studying) I started introducing it to the classes. 10th grade is left. then all classes are through.

On thursday I will finish the painting (the leaves of the trees). I will also show the 10th graders the library and how to use it.

The headmaster and I decided that the eighth grade would be in charge of keeping the library clean. This way there is no added work for the teachers, and the students are made responsible for their own actions. Next school year, the new 8th graders will be in charge, and so on. They seem to be somewhat engaged…at least when I asked them to come to the library just after school they all showed up (yay!) So that seems to be working.

The teachers will all get the introduction on friday. I have finished the manual that will be printed and handed to the headmaster. The activity schedule is done (every three weeks) to ensure that the library is used at least at that time. At the teacher introduction on friday afternoon I will not only explain but also show them how some of the activities work. Which shall be fun!

I heard that Room to Read is coming back to Chitwan, Nepal to do some work with the libraries they supported in 2005. So that should be interesting. I hope to keep updated with all the information about the library that is going on even after I go back to Austria and then off to England for University.

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