I no longer wonder or question why Hindus believe that feet are the dirtiest parts of our bodies.

What I do wonder about, and I wonder and question this A LOT, is how on earth Nepali people always have clean feet. When I walk along the muddy roads after the monsoon came down my feet, and trousers, are covered in mud. it is quite embarrassing. Especially if someone talks to you and they have their beautiful, clean feet in their flip flops and you have your muddy, white toes in your muddy pink flip flops.

So what I did to try to improve my state was the following:
‘Shreeram, I have a really, really big question to ask you.’
‘okay, wait. Let me sit down for this.’
‘How do Nepali people keep their feet so clean!? I don’t understand. I feel so embarrassed. How does it work?! My feet are muddy when I walk through the mud. But all Nepali people have such clean feet!’
All Shreeram could do at first was laugh. Then he continued to explain how not to get my pants so muddy, and that even Nepali people sometimes have muddy feet.

I will try the bike tomorrow. Maybe that will keep my feet, and my¬†conscience, clean. We’ll see.

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