Chisinau, Moldova

I had forgotten how beautiful Chisinau can be. The church with the golden roofs, the parks in the city centre, and the cathedral on the main road (Str. Stefan cel Mare).  I spent a lovely morning in Chisinau with an old friend.

Here, have a look!





What I enjoyed the most of this short stay however was something that cannot be photographed…or at least I can’t take decent pictures of feelings like that. I arrived at the main bus station of Chisinau at around 5:30 in the morning. The sun was up, but the streets were empty. The only people that were on the streets of the city at this hour were the street sweepers. They reminded me of a children’s book called Momo by Michael Ende about a girl who needs to save the world be getting it’s Time back. Awesome book. But back to Chisinau.

After walking around town this early in the morning, at around 7 o’clock I wander back to the market place where shop keepers are at different stages of setting up their stalls and some early-bird shoppers are already out getting their daily groceries. This feeling was just amazing. I walked along the different parts of the market for a whole hour. There is so much to discover! Whatever you need, you can find it at the Chisinau central market…be it knives, or forks, fruit, vegetables, chocolate, meat and cheese, bread, shoes, underpatns. You name it. You can probably get it there.

If you haven’t been to Chisinau…or any of Moldova for that matter yet, go! Yes, it’s an incredibly poor country with what seems to be the highest rates of slavery in Europe,but it’s also the country that is home to the famous Monasteries [insert link] and to amazingly calm, untouched nature. It is a country of agriculture with bustling market places and friendly people…for the most part.



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