Bucket List

This is a very unfinished page. I’ll probably keep adding things as I can remember them, and will hopefully be ticking off some of these things in the near future! I’ll also try to write a blog post about each of these as I tick them off my list. The list is in no particular order.

Write a monograph
Publish a monograph
Publish a chapter in a book
Publish a peer-reviewed conference proceeding
Publish a peer-reviewed journal paper
Publish on someone else’s blog
Present at a national conference
Present at an international conference
Get my PhD diploma (and change my passport to include Dr. *eeeeek*)
Get a citation on one of my papers
Be part of an academic exchange
Get some sort of academic fellowship award
Publish a research report with / for a charity
Work outside the UK in an academic capacity
Get Funding to do a thing
Go to a social science conference

Do a multi-day horse trek
Travel to each country in Europe
Travel to each continent
Do a South Eastern European Road Trip
Climb the stairway to heaven
Travel to Nepal
Visit central Asia
Do a multi-day hiking trip (preferably in the Himalayas)
Go wild camping
Do a multi-day horse riding trek