A (very) short update on my life as a PhD student…

The last couple of weeks have been crazy. I’ve spent very little time at home, and very much time worrying about stuff I shouldn’t worry about. I’ve now finished the first month of my PhD, and I already feel like I’ve gone down rabbit holes I didn’t need to go down…

Having said that, lots of really interesting things have happened! I’m now officially a PhD students, which is exciting in its own right, but on top of that I’ve also done lots of other things for the first time.

I can now say that I have helped write an MA level module, as well as teaching it! So that is scary and exciting too! I’m working with a lecturer that used to teach me two years ago. Not only have we worked on a module together, but we recently also wrote an article for The Conversation!

We responded to a late OECD report that stated that technology does not actually increase student attainment (based on the PISA test) report. We claim that technology CAN help improve learning and education, but that because of the way we test learning and education, it may seem that technology doesn’t do much. You can read a response that’s a lot more eloquent and detailed than that one sentence here.

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