What the heck are SOLEs?

The easiest, and probably best way of finding out what a SOLE is, is to watch Sugata Mitra‘s TED talks, so I’ve embedded them below. If however you don’t have an hour to listen to his three talks you can save them for later and continue to read below.

2007 Sugata Mitra: Shows How Kids Teach Themselves

2010 Sugata Mitra: The Child Driven Education

2013 Sugata Mitra: Build A School In The Cloud

So what actually are SOLEs? They’re the environment in which exploratory learning can take place. Wikipedia does a better deal of explaining it than me:

a place where children can work in groups, access the internet and other software, follow up on a class activity or project or take them where their interests lead them.

There are many examples on here, and a detailed description of one research project here.

Since 2013 the movement has kept going, and turned into the School in the Cloud. It’s a place to find out more about SOLEs, to learn from others’ experiences, get news, and almost most importantly¬†getting involved!

You can download the toolkit, or use this wikihow to figure out how to devise your own SOLE!

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