library from afar?

I have written a lot about the library I helped organize. I don’t know if I have focused enough on my worries that it will not be used…well. I’m really worried my work was in vain.


good news!

A new volunteer has arrived in Patihani for FACE Nepal. It is part of her job to look after the library. She has developed a sign out system and has told me that the library really is open every day, and that the kids are actually using the library regularly! πŸ™‚

exciting stuff.

leaving Nepal

I have now left Nepal and am sorry for not posting regularly anymore. I will try to change that.

After (three) amazing goodye ceremonies…where I was completely caked in red tikka powder I had to say goodbye to FACE Nepal. I spent three days in Kathmandu, without ever really entering Kathmandu. But how is that possible?, you may ask. Easy.

Get off the bus and take a Taxi to Patan. A BEAUTIFUL old town that has developed into a sister city of Kathmandu. Not necessarily less touristy, but smaller and calmer and less ‘oh my god it’s Kathmandu!’ I don’t really know how to explain…but I loved it. Also, it’s known for it’s yoghurt..which I had been craving for days πŸ˜‰

Stay one night there, because you cannot afford another night although you would love spend more time in this seemingly small town. Take the bus to Boudha. Which you thought was a far way outside of Kathmandu, when it really actually is right on the ring road. How can the most serene place of the Kathmandu valley be right next to the ring road? I have no clue. But it is. As soon as you enter the gates Β it seems like you are in a different world. The busy, bustling city is left behind and all that surrounds you is a huge Buddah Stupa, many souvenir shops and a plethora of hostels and monasteries. A truly beautiful place.

The next morning you get up early and walk to the holiest Hindu place of the Kathmandu valley where you can watch people getting cremated…this place is beautiful in a morbid kind of way. Although the 1000 Rupee entrance fee, in my opinion, is oerpriced for what you get to see in other places..but still sort of worth it, becuase I doubt there’s a place like Pashpatinath anywhere else in the world…

After going back to Boudha it is still morning and you realize that you do in fact have enough time to also take a bus out to Bhaktapur. The old hometown of the last king of Nepal. The whole town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which implies it is beautiful….but nothing prepared me for the beauty, peacefulness, and culture that I found in this town. Simply Amazing.

The next morning I took a Taxi to the airport becuase I decided to splurge on my last days in Nepal ^^. The ride was quite nice, I had a very simple chat with the driver…in NEPALI..woah. I didn’t know I could do that! It basically was just:

Did you like Nepal?

Yes! Very much!

How long were you here for?

2 Months

WOW that’s along time! What did you do?

I volunteered in Chitwan.


I am impressed with what I learnt.