I am an interdisciplinary researcher and work closely with charities in the design, development, and evaluation of digital technologies for service delivery and advocacy work. Doing this kind of work means I bring together literatures from various disciplines to build a rounded understanding of the interdisciplinary space. While I have been ‘home’ in HCI for the time of my MRes and PhD, I continue to try to publish in various disciplines, at diverse venues, and by creating ‘publications’ or ‘outcomes’ in various shapes and formats. So far, I have been working towards publishing papers, book chapters, charity reports, a magazine article, and an exhibition.

In my PhD, I am particularly interested in the ways in which simple and mundane technologies can be used to facilitate social and criminal justice outcomes for sex workers of all genders. The methodology and theoretical framing of this work is inspired by sex worker feminisms, social justice-oriented interaction design, and participatory action research (with some nods towards research through design). This results in a diverse set of interlinked and co-dependent creative research methods, and creative explorations of ‘data’ as a whole.

Outside of my PhD I am broadly interested in digital technologies, advocacy and activism, and the ways in which we can co-design technologies through embedded practices in socio-civic spaces (such as charities, grassroots community groups, or activist communities). I am particularly interested in designing with stigmatised, underrepresented, marginalised, or otherwise misrepresented groups to support their existing activist practices.