About Me

I am an interdisciplinary researcher and community artist and work closely with charities in the design, development, and evaluation of creative approaches to digital technologies for service delivery and advocacy work. Doing this kind of work means I bring together literatures and research from various disciplines to build a rounded understanding of the complex histories, politics, and work involved in these projects. Because of this, I continue publish across venues and disciplines and my ‘outputs’ come in a variety of formats (eg. papers, exhibitions, artefacts, illustrated reports).

My interests lie at the intersections of practice and theory surrounding issues of feminisms, social justice, craft, and digital technologies.

I am also a founding member of fempower.tech, a feminist tech collective aiming to raise awareness of, and improve experiences by marginalised folk in HCI.

In my PhD (Nov 2019), I developed an interdisciplinary conceptual/methodological framework to help researchers and designers work in charities to design digital technologies. The framework is built on Nancy Fraser’s concept of multidimensional justice, Nardi and O’Days’ Information Ecologies, and my fieldwork in two UK-based sex work support services. Throughout the three years of my PhD fieldwork, I worked with National Ugly Mugs and Changing Lives (both UK-based charities who support sex workers in different ways) to explore the different ways they were already using digital technologies while also developing exploratory projects to find new ways of integrating digital technologies into different aspects of their service delivery.